What Others Are Saying


“Profound! Comforting! Calming! Wonderful!” – NC

 “The Daily Email Goodies continue to bless my heart! … They provide plenty of food for thought.” – IL

 “I really appreciate the Goodies!” – VA

 “Your Daily Email Goodies are making me aware of authors whose names I don’t even know.” – GA

 “I am glad to be getting the Daily Email Goodies – keep ‘em coming.” – IN


  1. Jesus refrain.. Be Not Afraid, helps me on a daily basis…………I believe Christ is with us in the small things in our life as well as the large things……….Our free will sometimes blocks grace from our lives.. We need to open to the graces Christ is trying to shower on us every day.. God bless,Ernie Bono


    • Thank you for your comments brother Ernie!


  2. All this is so different than what I’ve been taught over sixty-three years and it is so interesting, so compelling!! This right division of the bible allows better understanding of God’s ways then what I have received, so thank you!!


  3. You’re welcome.


  4. Hi Guys ( Clyde Jr. & 111
    Thank you so very much for sharing your revelations on what for many of us ( as Don Every June 1 2010) is surely a completely new and complete way of understanding Fathers love for us.
    “The truth shall set you free”.
    I noticed Holland and Belgium mentioned but not Great Britain.
    Are there any other e`mailer`s from Britain who have found these truths as we have done over the last two years during our weekly bible study.
    May”The Happy God” continue to bless your work in 2012
    Yours because His, Mike


  5. Hi Clyde,
    My wife and I have been watching the videos of you, Dan and Martin and enjoy them immensely. We would like to get involved more with those of the ecclesia but we don’t know how We live in the St. Louis area and don’t know if there are any others in this area or not. Do you know of anyone we can contact so we can just fellowship with them occasionally? We would appreciate just a phone number or two of someone of like belief who we can talk to.
    Also, is there some chance your group of speakers could hold and weekend conference somewhere in the midwest in the near future?
    Thank you.


    • Great to hear from you Lovell. I am so glad that you have been enjoying our videos.

      If you are looking for fellowship we have a “Missouri” page on our fellowship blog. Here is the link: http://saviorofall.wordpress.com/fellowship-contact/u-s/missouri/

      Go there and place a message with your name and contact information.

      We do travel places and speak at times. All we need is (1) an invitation, (2) provisions to get there and back, and (3) a place to stay while we are there. It is as simple as that.

      I have taken the liberty to add you to our email list to receive our “Daily Goodies.” I trust that you will enjoy them.



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