The following books, authored by Clyde, are available at:

Pilkington & Sons

8295 - BSN VolThe Bible Student’s Notebook

The Bible Student’s Notebook is a periodical dedicated to the: Promotion of Bible study – Encouragement of the believer’s growth in gracve – Support of the role of family patriarch – Recovery of truth that has too long been hidden under the veils of traditionalism, prejudice, misunderstanding and fear. The Bible Student’s Notebook is not connected with any “Church,” “Movement,” “Organization,” “Society,” “Mission” or separate body of believers, but is sent forth to and for all of God’s saints. Available in 21 Paperback Volumes.



0370 - StudyAnother Look at “Bible Study” – The Misuse of II Timothy 2:15 and the Abuse of Christ’s Body

“You continue to bless me with messages that relieve the burden.” – Illinois
“Helped me shed major bondage.”– Michigan
“What a freeing teaching.” – Pennsylvania
“Finally relieved me of yet another religious burden.” – Poland
“Such a balm to my soul.” – Canada

(#0370) 65 pp,, PB, $4.95


1985 - Being Ok PicBeing OK with Not Being OK: Embracing God’s Design for You – and Everyone You Know (and Don’t Know)

For now, you’re broken, and you aren’t going to be “fixed.” Granted, you may have some days that are better than others, some circumstances that seem to indicate that you are “OK,” but the wearisome cycle simply will recur.

Thus it is by design – by divine design. Father is bringing you to a place where you are OK with not being OK, where you simply rest in His current purpose and plan in your training and development for that grand and magnificent culmination that He has so wonderfully and skillfully designed especially for you – in your next life.

(#1985) 134 pp.,  PB. $9.95


 believerswarfareThe Believer’s Warfare: Wearing the Armor of Light in the Darkness of this World

The believer is in the middle of an ancient spiritual warfare that is as old as mankind. The battle itself, although intense, is not complicated. It is not a process of spiritual hoop-jumping. Indeed it is simple. The Believer’s Warfare surveys a few key passages of Scripture to reveal God’s sure plan of victory in the life of His saints.


(#7000) 48 pages, BK, $9.95

3325 - CiR

The Church in Ruins: Brief Thoughts on II Timothy

This brief survey of Paul’s last epistle will reveal that while almost 2000 years have transpired, the condition of the church has remained the same, and indeed has worsened in accordance with Paul’s warning to Timothy. This book is not a call for a re-awakening of “the church,” because it is apparent that this is not Father’s plan. Rather, it is a call to individual men – men whose place in the Christian religious system has left them empty, stagnant, and restless – to awaken to Father’s call to be His faithful servant and stand outside of that system to look for other faithful men as well.

(#3325) 128 pp., PB. $9.95

Daily GoodiesDaily Goodies: 365 Thoughts on Scriptural Truths

This is a great resource for personal and family study, as well as a valuable reference volume covering many varied biblical themes. This is a collection of choice selections from the author’s Daily E-mail Goodies. These free daily e-mails began being issued in 2003 and contain studies on scriptural themes.

(#1747) 490 pp., PB. $19.95


2275 - Holy Nation-smallGod’s Holy Nation: Israel and Her Earthly Purpose (Contrasted with the Body of Christ and Its Heavenly Purpose)

Israel plays a key role in God’s plan of the ages. Though currently she has been set aside “until the times of the nations be fulfilled,” He is by no means done with her.

Today, God is operating His purpose in the ecclesia – the Church, the Body of Christ. The Scriptures provide us with the clear, critical distinction between God’s earthly nation and Christ’s celestial body.

Christendom, however, has diminished Israel’s divine significance in an attempt to advance their artificial homogenization of Scripture’s grand theme, thus obscuring the glorious evangel of our day – “the Good News of the Happy God” committed to the trust of Paul, our Apostle.

This work highlights some of the more prominent distinctions which belong to God’s literal, physical, earthly nation. In so doing, it is our desire to allow the reader to see more clearly God’s dealings with God’s favored nation, so that they may in turn embrace a far greater calling and purpose.

(#2275) 360 pp., PB. $19.95


5675 - EmbassyHeaven’s Embassy:  The Divine Plan & Purpose of the Home

The home is central to all of God’s dealings with man throughout the course of time. It is His Divine “institution” and “organization” on the earth; and for the believer, it is the Embassy of Heaven. An embassy is “the residence or office of an ambassador.” Since the believer is an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ (II Corinthians 5:14-21), his home is thus the  Divine Embassy of heavenly ministry. Pauline ministry is centered in the homes of believers. This is even the true sphere of the Body of Christ; for this reason our apostle speaks of “church in thy house.” This book doesn’t focus upon the external specifics of the ministry of Heaven’s Embassy (such as hospitality); that will be saved for another volume. Instead, it looks at the inner-workings of the Embassy itself; focusing upon its very nature and internal purpose and function.

(#5675) 250 pp., PB. $19.95


1737 - I AmI Am! Who and What God Says I Am! The Divine Reckoning of the Renewed Mind; Daily Thoughts on Divine Life

People are always talking about their attempts to discover their true selves – of trying to “find themselves.” The believer in the Lord Jesus Christ needs to find out who they really are. This doesn’t need to be such a difficult search. All that is really needed is a careful look at the Scriptures, and a simple faith in the words of who and what God says we are. God knows who we are; all we need to do is to believe Him. This book catalogs the Divine Record of who and what God says that you are. It is a short encyclopedia of faith – the truth about you. It is the truth about you, simply because it is God Who has said it. God has spoken these truths concerning you – the real you. Believe His record! Refuse to be the shell of a person, pushed into a mold of Adamic conformity. Be the real you that God has uniquely designed you to be. Refuse to be bullied out of your divinely designed identity that our Father has given you.

(#1737) 107 pp., PB. $9.95


i-choose2I Choose! Living Life to Its Fullest
Forty-Eight Daily Thoughts on Divine Life

You are alive! Yet not just alive, but alive with the very life of God! Don’t allow your “What if …” imaginations of the past or the future to lay claim to the present that God has given you. Allow the objective, unchanging truth of who God has made you in the Lord Jesus Christ to transform your mind and life as you take this spiritual journey of “I Choose.”

(#4120) 192 pages, PB, $16.95

4682 - KJV-400

The King James Version – 400 Years of Bondage – 1611-2011

1611 was not a high spiritual mark in the history of the church, the Body of Christ. Instead of being a grand year of the pinnacle of preservation or perfection of God’s Word, it was rather the sad depths of the subtle corrupting of God’s Word by the historic union of governmental and ecclesiastical politics.

(#4682) 72 pp., PB. $9.95


1150 - A Look at Alcohol PicA Look at Alcohol in the Scriptures

Wine was a blessing in Scripture (Proverbs 3:10), something to be received gratefully from God (Psalm 104:15). Like many things that God has graciously given to man, alcohol can be used or abused.

However it is important that we do not confuse use with abuse, or drinking with drunkenness. To prohibit the use of alcohol, by pointing to verses about its abuse, would be like condemning the eating of food because of gluttony, or requiring sexual abstinence because of carnal sins. This is deceptive and erroneous religious reasoning.

This study briefly surveys alcohol related Hebrew and Greek words and some of their contexts, considers passages usually used to condemn the use of alcohol, and looks at a few common objections.

(#1150) 54 pp., PB, $5.95


1675 - EasterThe Myth of Easter

There are many myths in Christendom. They have managed to master their own form of mythology. Easter is an example of such a religious fable.

If Easter is the celebration of the historical fact of our Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection, then why does its date change every year? Historical dates do not fluctuate; but Easter Sunday can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25. Have you ever wondered why?

It is one of the glaring clues that something is seriously wrong with Christendom. The Western Christian religion can’t seem to get anything right when it comes to even the simplest of Scriptural truths.

Have you ever really considered if there is any scriptural basis of Good Friday or Easter Sunrise Services that are so commonly observed by the religious community? Additionally, have you ever considered what Easter Rabbits and Easter Eggs have to do with the resurrection of Christ or teachings of God’s Word?

Although millions of people are of the opinion that Easter and all of its customs are Christian and originated as a result of Christ’s resurrection, it is a historical fact that the observance of Easter long antedates Christianity by centuries.

(#1675) 72 pp., BK, $4.95


3750 - Nothing LostNothing Will Be Lost! The Truth About God’s Good News

This is an abridgement of the larger work The Salvation of All. It is designed as a give-away edition, with quantity pricing available.

(#3750) 88 pp., PB. $9.95



outsiders_c.inddOutsiders, The: God’s Called-Out Ones – A Biblical Look at the Church – God’s Ecclesia

In 1995, after sixteen years of being in the “pastorate” the author walked away. He left the “religious system” by resigning from the very “church” and “ministry” he had formed.  In many ways this work is a testament to these actions. This testimony was thirty years in the making — the results of a spiritual journey that the author found to be common to other saints scattered throughout the world and across history. This is an opportunity to explain why some who love the Lord no longer “go to church.” It does not seek to persuade others to do  something different; but rather to simply be who and what they already are “in Him.” This is an uncovering of the truth of the church, and an encouragement for the members of His Body to enjoy the position and standing “in Christ” that they already possess, realizing that they are truly “complete in Him” (Colossians 2:10), that He alone is their Life (Colossians 3:4), and that His Life is full of freedom (Galatians 5:1).

(#4125) 128 pp., PB. $9.95


Plowboys_Bible_cover_field_002.inddPlowboy’s Bible, The : God’s Word for Common Man

Shocking conclusions from the man that brought  you The King James Bible Song. This book represents years of study and a significant change in understanding. Raised on and trained in a “King James Only” position, most of the author’s teaching ministry was centered on the defense of the KJV. He had early associations with major proponents of this position and their followers. He actively taught classes and seminars on the subject of Bible versions. For many years he distributed thousands of books from a collection of over 100 different titles in support of the KJV position. Here he shares what he has come to see that has caused him to completely abandon his former position.

(#4425) 254 pp., PB. $19.95



The Salvation of All: Creation’s Final Destination
(A Biblical Look at Universal Reconciliation)

The Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is truly better “Good News” than we could ever have imagined.  It is far more glorious than religion would ever have us believe. The Salvation of All is a book about a “Good News” that will reach its final goal in the salvation of all mankind.

(#7001) 184 pages, PB, $16.95

1175 - StepsThe Steps I Have Taken – A Short Autobiographical Work

Many times over the years Clyde has been asked how he got from an Independent Baptist pastor to where he is now: from a hell-fire and brimstone street preacher to a herald of the good news of “the happy God.” This work is a short chronicle of his journey: leaving the confines of religious bondage to enjoying the life of God in the wide open spaces of His grace.

(#1175) 65 pp., PB, $5.95


 Suffering: God’s Forgotten Gift

Suffering_1247_925.inddTwo gifts given to the believer are mentioned by Paul in Philippians 1:29. The first is “to believe on Him.” This is a glorious gift. Every believer has been given this gift from God. Those who possess it may not even fully recognize it as a gift from Him, but indeed faith is God’s wonderful gift to us. Faith is a rich gift from God, but there is also another gift from God to the believer, mentioned by Paul in Philippians 1:29, that is equally as glorious. The second gift is “also to suffer for His sake.” This, too, is a glorious gift. Every believer has been given this gift from God as well, but those who possess it often do not fully recognize it for what it is. Indeed, suffering for His sake similarly is God’s wonderful gift to us. Paul teaches us to embrace this second gift as well as we do the first!

(#5150) 100 pp., PB. $9.95


 World Affairs and National Politics – and the High Calling of God in Christ Jesus

4250 - World AffairsWhen did nationalism begin? What is God’s purpose for nationalism? Is the United States a Christian nation? Does any government have Favored Nation Status with God today? Should believers support Israel? What did Paul have to say about our citizenship? What is our role in relation to nations? Is our job to rid the world of evil? What should the believer’s attitude be toward earthly authority? Should all obedience to earthly magistrates be absolute? Are believers to pay their taxes? Where does voting and jury duty fit in? Why was the apostle Paul executed? These and many other questions are addressed in this groundbreaking work!

(#4250) 258 pp., PB. $14.95

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