Posted by: SandreS | June 16, 2019

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Not Seeking a Following

by — Russell H. Schaefer


Dispensational Writings of D.L. McCrosky

Volume 1

Dee McCroskey (1902-1991) was a student of Nels Thompson (who himself was a student of Harry Ironside). Nels founded several assemblies, beginning in Oakland, CA. McCroskey succeeded him in these assemblies. More were added in Oregon and Arizona.

McCroskey was a passionate dispensational teacher (mid-Acts with 28 leanings). Being an experienced printer, in 1936 he set up Gospel Tract Distributors in Portland. He became editor of the periodical Outside the Camp, which later became Last Day Messenger which remained in print until 1990.

• The Kingdom Offer in Acts
• Rightly Dividing Paul’s Epistles
• Tongues: Israel’s Sign Gift

(#2107) 36 pages, facsimile paperback.

$4.95 (plus s&h)

Order Now
Order Toll Free: 1-800-784-6010

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