Posted by: SandreS | June 15, 2019

Misery Transformed into Joy

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Knowing that we were “born unto trouble” (Job 5:7, KJV) – or as the Concordant Version translates it, “born to misery,” and knowing that this is our Father’s current purpose to bring about our ultimate good (Romans 8:28), we are able to find great peace in the midst of all of our brokenness and seemingly adverse circumstances. With the eye of faith we can glory in our “afflictions” (Romans 5:3, CV), counting them all “joy” (James 1:2), knowing that “the sufferings of the current era do not deserve the glory about to be revealed for us” (Romans 8:18, CV).

Our current troubles and miseries are transformed into joy in our hearts without any change in our circumstances whatsoever. We are able to “rejoice in the Lord always” (Philippians 4:4) in the midst of our brokenness and apparent opposing situations knowing that “the momentary lightness of our affliction is producing for us a transcendently transcendent eonian burden of glory” (II Corinthians 4:17, CV). This is what Paul calls the “joy of faith” (Philippians 1:24), which allows us to become “superexceeding in joy in all our affliction” (II Corinthians 7:5, CV).


The Purpose of God’s Will

byGuy Marks (1899-1989)

Guy Spencer Marks conducted an evangelistic and teaching ministry that spanned more than 60 years. While working with an evangelistic team he was introduced to the Concordant Version, which eventually led to an adjustment in his understanding of the truth of God. In later years he prepared a series of tape recorded messages that had wide circulation.

His ministry was centered in Flushing, MI (near Flint) for many years, and in Grand Rapids in his later years. Among his ministry associates were: Charles Lamb (Denver, CO), Arthur Lamb (Pasadena, CA), Howard Hough (Almont, MI), Earl Brown (Pinellas Park, FL), Louis Abbott (Stovers, MO), and Raymond Van Dyke and B.A. Baker (Grand Rapids, MI).

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