Posted by: SandreS | October 25, 2018

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Being Filled with God

by — Jeff Bohlender


A Look at Alcohol in the Scriptures

by — Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.

Wine was a blessing in Scripture (Proverbs 3:10), something to be received gratefully from God (Psalm 104:15). Like many things that God has graciously given to man, alcohol can be used or abused.

However it is important that we do not confuse use with abuse, or drinking with drunkenness. To prohibit the use of alcohol, by pointing to verses about its abuse, would be like condemning the eating of food because of gluttony, or requiring sexual abstinence because of carnal sins. This is deceptive and erroneous religious reasoning.

This study briefly surveys alcohol related Hebrew and Greek words and some of their contexts, considers passages usually used to condemn the use of alcohol, and looks at a few common objections.

(#1150) 54 pages, paperback.

$5.95 (plus free economy s&h)

Order Now

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