Posted by: SandreS | August 29, 2018

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Be Who You Are.




Being OK with Not Being OK

Embracing God’s Design for You – and Everyone You Know (and Don’t Know)

by Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.

For now, you’re broken, and you aren’t going to be “fixed.” Granted, you may
have some days that are better than others, some circumstances that seem to indicate that you are “OK,” but the wearisome cycle simply will recur.

Thus it is by design – by divine design. Father is bringing you to a place where you are OK with not being OK, where you simply rest in His current purpose and plan in your training and development for that grand and magnificent
culmination that He has so wonderfully and skillfully designed especially for you – in your next life.

(#1985) 134 pages, paperback

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