Posted by: SandreS | June 1, 2016

Not Getting Very Far

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So then neither is he who plants anything, neither he who waters; but God Who gives the increase (I Corinthians 3:7).

Does it sometimes seem that you are not getting very far – in your personal life? In your financial life? Even, in your spiritual life?

A part of the world’s view of success is the idea of “getting far” – whatever that may mean. Did you ever consider that you might be laboring under an unspiritual expectation? Did you ever think that, just maybe, that “far” place to which you are trying to get was not, in fact, God’s plan for you after all?

During most of all of my adult life, as I have learned truth and attempted to share and live it, there has always been someone with an objection such as, “You are not going to get very far teaching that!” Is that my aim? To get very far?

In reference to the issue of proclaiming the good news, our friend Tony Smith wisely answers the objection of not getting very far:

When it comes to proclaiming the evangel, I am not trying to get … very far. Instead, I just go wherever my Master sends me, and where I go, when I get there and who I speak to when I do is entirely up to Him. He does not need or require my works to complete His purpose. If all of us were never to say another word about the evangel, then the rocks would shout it out.

Wonderful words, aren’t they?

It is not about us: our abilities, our failures, our successes. After all, is He not in charge? Does He not work all things after the counsel of His Own will? Why not abandon the expectation of “getting very far,” and just leave the results up to Him?

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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