Posted by: SandreS | May 19, 2016

God’s Loving Restoration Extends Even to Sodom

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Paul’s unequivocal testimony is the reconciliation of “all things” that have been alienated from God. The context is abundantly clear – the “all things created” ARE the exact same “all things” RECONCILED (Colossians 1:20). God will leave no corner of His vast and wonderful universe outside of His unfailing love.

This reconciliation is truly universal! Nothing will be left alienated or unreconciled to God. Even Sodom, the great example of God’s wrath and judgment, will not be exempt from the glorious restoration of God’s Love. Read carefully this passage:

“As I live,” says the Lord GOD, “Sodom your sister has not done, she nor her daughters, as you have done, you and your daughters. … When I shall turn back their captivity, the captivity of Sodom and her daughters, and the captivity of Samaria and her daughters, then will I turn back the captivity of your captives in the midst of them: … When your sisters, Sodom and her daughters, shall return to their former estate, and Samaria and her daughters shall return to their former estate, then you and your daughters shall return to your former estate” (Ezekiel 16:48, 53, 55).

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