Posted by: SandreS | April 17, 2016

Entrusting Others to God

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I commit you to God (Acts 20:32, Darby).
I entrust you to God (Acts 20:32, Moffatt).
I give you into the care of God (Acts 20:32, BBE).

When Paul left the saints at Ephesus he committed them to the care of God. Too often there are those who attempt to play “God” in peoples’ lives. Paul was not one of them. He not only entrusted the saints to God, but he did so to the Word of His grace” which he knew was “able to edify” them.

Simply put, Paul trusted God with the saints. He trusted that they were His handiwork – His achievement. He trusted that God’s Word – and not just any word, but His Word of grace – was enough. He did not seek to lord over them or their faith.

Maturity, through acquaintance with God and His grace, brings one to a place of trust in God – that He is “able to edify” by His grace. It enables one to give others over to the care of God – to trust them to Him.

Some carry the heavy weight of others on their shoulder, as if somehow they were responsible for the direction and outcome of their lives, that somehow they were supposed to lead and guide their lives. Being “God” to someone is an especially hard job if you are not qualified. There is only One qualified for such a daunting task, and He already has all things squarely under His control. So, relax.

God is good at His job. Just like with any other work, you can’t judge the finished product when seeing it in some stage of its development. This is true of you and me, of our loved ones, of our friends, and fellow members of Christ’s Body – in fact, of all of God’s creation!

God, Who works “all things after the counsel of His Own will,” finds no challenge with our circumstances and lives – or of the lives of others. Nothing poses an obstacle to Him – after all, He is the Almighty God.

Relax with those whom God has placed in your life. God is God; He is in charge. He loves them just as unconditionally as He loves you. He is molding them, as surely as he is you – day-by-day – into all that He intends for them to be, regardless of what we may think we currently see.

Do not be tempted to play “God” in the lives of others. Entrust them to God.

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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