Posted by: SandreS | August 10, 2013

The Opinions of Men vs. the Word of God

Councils and conventions have been the curse of Christendom. Instead of going to God’s Word in faith and believing Him, men have come together to rant and reason, and impose on the saints some decree which was supposed to settle all controversy, yet always created more.

The truth is not a compromise, composed of the opinions of many men, but the revealed Word of God, and is discovered by diligent and accurate research in the Original. It cannot be found by illogical reasoning and debate, but by simple faith and correctly cutting the Word of Truth. The Council at the Diet of Worms was not convened to protect the saints from heresy, but to keep them from accepting the truth as taught by Luther.

In these last days all great groups are bound to foster the apostasy, for that is God’s intention for this time, as revealed in His Word.  Let us cleave to His Word and avoid man’s wisdom!

A.E. Knoch
Unsearchable Riches
Volume 39

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