Posted by: SandreS | August 4, 2013

As Deceivers, Yet True (II Corinthians 6:8)

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“as deceivers, and yet true” (Rotherham)
as seducers and true” (ECB)
“an ‘impostor’ but honest” (Moffat)
as leading astray, and true” (Young)

Let’s never forget the tactics of our Adversary, among which is to malign the ministry of the truth-bearer. The Pharisees labeled Christ “that deceiver” (Matthew 27:63). The Circumcisionist labeled Paul a “deceiver” too. Paul said that the religionist marked him by “dishonor” and “defamation” (II Corinthians 6:8, CV).

To the religious, both our Lord and our apostle were con-men. Little did they know that they were both bearing the truth of God. So it is with all of God’s servants in every age. The enemy portrays them as frauds and “evil-doers” (II Timothy 2:19). It is one of the marks of the servant of God, one that they eventually learn to bear as a badge of honor.

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.

For further study on this theme see The Adversary’s Policy of Evil: Discrediting or Discouraging the Messenger in Bible Student’s Notebook 373
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  2. […] As Deceivers, Yet True (II Corinthians 6:8) […]


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