Posted by: SandreS | April 9, 2012

The Grand Choreographer

Let them praise His name in the dance … (Psalms 149:3).

A choreographer creates dances. He designs sequences of movements, deciding what each step will be, and then a dancer performs those steps.

The Grand Choreographer is God. It is He Who decides each step that will be taken.

The steps of a man are ordered by the Lord (Psalms 37:23).

Sometimes a father, when his daughter is very little, will place her feet on top of his own and dance all around the room with them. In these early experiences perhaps the young girl will presume that she is really accomplishing something. As she grows older, with fond memories, she realizes that all of this dancing was of her father. He was the one choreographing and executing each step; he had a firm hold on her and was doing all of the work – he was the one dancing, and she was simply along for the ride.

So it is with us. In our childishness we think that Father and we are really doing something grand. Later in our maturity we come to know and understand that it is all Him. There is always the relative sense in which we are “dancing,” but in the absolute, it is always He Who has been “dancing” all along.

Relax and rest in the arms of your Father, the Grand Choreographer.

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