Posted by: SandreS | February 22, 2011

New: Audio Teaching!

We now have audio teaching that we will be alternating with our written Daily Email Goodies: a written lesson one day, and an audio presentation the next.

There will be three types of audios, (1) topical teaching, (2) questions & answers, and (3) expository teaching through books of the Bible.

I am personally thrilled with this renewed aspect of my teaching ministry. Bear with us through our initial audios, as we are in the process of acquiring and learning how to best use our equipment and software. The audios should get even better with time.

My son Clyde III is the great force behind these audios. He has been a constant encouragement, and is their producer – investing hundreds of hours in this important project already. My sincere thanks for his extreme dedication and love of the truth.

I am also thankful for those whom Father has moved to partner financially with me in these labors – through you He allows me the time and resources to expand my teaching ministry once again. Without you this would not be possible. I am deeply touched and humbled.

For His truth, and the honor of His name,

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.


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