Posted by: SandreS | February 7, 2011

Trusting Others to the Father

I commit you to God (Acts 20:32, Darby).

I entrust you to God (Acts 20:32, Moffatt).

I give you into the care of God (Acts 20:32, BBE).

Do you carry the heavy weight of others on your shoulder? That somehow you are responsible for the direction and outcome of their lives?

Being “God” to someone is an especially hard job if you are not qualified. There is only One in the universe qualified for such a daunting task, and He already has all things squarely under His control. So, relax.

God is good at His job. Just like with any other work, you can’t judge the finished product when seeing it in some stage of its development. This is true of you and me, of our loved ones and friends – all of God’s creation!

When a dinner is being prepared the kitchen may look like a big mess, and the ingredients in their various stages of being mixed, stirred, blended, pounded, chopped, heated, etc. may not taste good or seem as if they will ever amount to anything. It is all just a matter of timing in the kitchen of the master chef. Just wait until the finish product is taken from the kitchen of preparation and placed on the table of display!

So it is with all of God’s creation. He is still mixing the batter – with all of us. After all, it was to the idol worshipping pagans that Paul said,

For in Him we live, and move, and have our being (Acts 17:28).

Don’t be depressed as you look around you. What you see is not the end of God’s plan and purpose. What you see is not the finished product of God. God is actively at work in us in every circumstance, of every life.

God who works “all things after the counsel of His Own will” finds no challenge with the circumstances and lives of our loved ones – not even the hard cases. Nothing poses an obstacle to Him – after all He is the Almighty God.

God may have chosen you to be one of His instruments of ministry toward your loved ones; but never forget that you are the instrument and not the craftsman. Just as the spoon, the sifter and the whisk are all just tools in the hands of the cook, so it is with you. You are but the utensil in the hands of the Master Chef. Just as these instruments have no life and purpose of their own to create any dish, but must be selected and used by the cook – at his own will – so it is with you.

Do not be overwhelmed or discouraged, you are not the Workman, you are only the utensil in His hand. Whatever comes out of His use of you is completely up to Him.

Relax with those whom God has placed in your life. God is God; He is in charge. He loves them just as unconditionally as He loves you. He is molding them, as surely as he is you – day-by-day – into all that He intends for them to be, regardless of what we may think we currently see.

Do not be tempted to play “God” in the lives of others. Do not be disheartened with His pace, nor with His progress, for He is not yet finished; but one day, you and I and all of our loved ones will finally be complete. Trust others to the Father.

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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