Posted by: SandreS | October 19, 2010

Important Principles in the Details of Life – Principle #2: Moderation (or Balance)

Let your moderation be known to all men (Philippians 4:5).

Balance is another important aspect of life. Life is not always, “this or that,” “either, or.” For example, we do not study the Scriptures to the exclusion or neglect of eating. We do not work to the exclusion or neglect of leisure. We do not minister to others to the exclusion or neglect of our families.

The root of our English word is moderate, meaning to avoid extremes. The Greek word here is epieikes, meaning “appropriate, i.e., (by implication) mild” (Strong’s Greek Lexicon). The idea is that of an “even keel.” Sometimes we can get carried away with one particular area of life and lose our balance.

We can also lose our balance with regard to the lives of those around us. This “moderation” is not just applicable to our personal lives, but perhaps just as importantly (if not more so) toward the lives of others. We are to be moderate in our attitudes and dealings with others. That this idea extends toward others may be seen in the various ways that other versions translate the word epieikes:

Clemency (Goodspeed)
Considerateness (Rotherham)
Fairness (Riverside)
Forbearance (ASV, Moffett, Young)
Gentleness (Darby, Wilson)
Lenience (Concordant)
Meekness (Mace, Conservative)
Patience (Wycliffe)
Reasonableness (Montgomery)
Softness (Tyndale)

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
© Bible Student’s Notebook

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