Posted by: SandreS | March 5, 2010

More than Mere Circumstances

The trials, severe as they may be at times, are just circumstances. Our English word “circumstance” is a compound word made up of “circum” (around; surrounding) and “stances” (standing). Our circumstances are those things standing around us, those things which surround our walk.

We must remember that the events in our lives do not constitute who we are – they are merely the things that surround us in our walk – but they are more than mere circumstances. Because the Father has ordained them in our lives, they are divine circumstances. They are divine testings designed to be the pressing of Father’s hand to mold us into His grand purpose.

Steve McVey has written about our circumstances:

We are so vulnerable to becoming preoccupied with the things that scream for attention. It’s so easy to let our emotions be drained by things, until we feel empty inside. The answer isn’t complicated. It is simply to trust Him. That’s all you need. When you don’t feel Father’s presence in the midst of your circumstances, He is there nonetheless, working out the details of your lifestyle in a way that is perfect and beautiful in His sight. One day you will understand the intricate workings of your Father’s hand in the details of your life. For now, your only response must be to know, even when you don’t feel anything, you must know, that He only acts in ways that are for your good and His glory.

Choose to lean on your Father. Know that at every moment His arms are around you, sustaining you and holding you. That will never change. Though the world should fall around you, His arms will never let you go. He will protect, comfort and guide you all the days of your life. Choose to rest in Him. It’s the only way to move beyond fatigue in your circumstances.

Calm your troubled heart with thoughts of His love and faithfulness, His goodness and Sovereignty. He will never leave or forsake you. He will work out all things for good, according to the perfect plan that He has for you. Those things that concern you concern Him and are under His absolute control at every moment. Nothing escapes His attention; nothing lies beyond what His eyes can see and His hands can control. Don’t worry. All is well. When the winds blow and the waves toss your emotions and thoughts about, all is well. He is Lord of all things at all times. Rest in Him and find peace. (GraceVine)

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
Bible Student’s Notebook #214
© 2009, 2010


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