Posted by: SandreS | October 16, 2009

The Church in Ruins (Brief Thoughts on II Timothy), Part 38

A Persecution

Yea, and all who will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution (II Timothy 3:12).

Paul once again reminds Timothy that things will not be getting any easier. Timothy does not have an easy road ahead. Paul assures Timothy of the results of anyone who determines to live in the fullness of who they are in Christ – “godly.” This “godly” (:12) stands in contrast with the religious system’s “form of godliness” (:5).

The issue with Paul is not the appearance (i.e., form) of godliness. The Pharisees had that! This godly appearance is an essential part of the religious system! Instead what Paul presents to Timothy is LIFE!

… all who will live godly in Christ Jesus …

This godliness springs forth from LIFE! Where is this life? Those who “will live godly” will do so “in Christ Jesus.” Godliness is being presented here as the life of Christ Jesus in the members of His Body – the mystery of godliness!

Live in Christ Jesus! That is godliness!

(to be continued)

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
Bible Student’s Notebook
© 2001, 2009 Bible Student’s Press


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