Posted by: SandreS | July 3, 2009

Paul Severed from: Relationship

… of the Stock of Israel … (Philippians 3:5).

Israel was the new name that God had given to Jacob, Abraham’s grandson (Genesis 32:27-28). Jacob had twelve sons. Their families were “tribes;” thus, the “12 Tribes of Israel (i.e., Jacob)” and the “Children of Israel (i.e., Jacob).” Paul had not come through Ishmael. Some of his opponents were circumcised, but they were not of the stock of Israel.

Paul did not have just a ritual – circumcision – for which he had been proud, he had a relationship. He had greatly prided himself in the fact that he was an Israelite; but all that changed when he met the Lord Jesus Christ. He counted this, too, as “refuse” and waste. Paul was severed from: relationship.

Although Israel had been (and will be again one day) central to God’s purpose, Paul had been severed from this identity. With a new revelation from the risen, ascended, glorified and enthroned Savior, Paul now saw that there was no value in national distinctions.

Many take great pride in their national affiliation. If anyone ever had such a right it was an Israelite. After all, they were God’s nation; but the person of the Lord Jesus Christ overshadows and severs the believer from such human pride and distinction. Patriotism gives way to a Person. Paul had been severed from his national relationship to something far greater!

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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