Posted by: SandreS | February 8, 2009

Terms of Identity

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To better grasp the fullness of our union with the Lord Jesus Christ, it is important for us to understand related terms. Here are a few words related to our identification in the Lord Jesus Christ, along with their brief definitions.

The Old Man (i.e., the old humanity) – This is our old (or, former) identity which was in Adam (not our physical body, which is the God’s temple).

New Man (i.e., the new humanity) – This is our new (or, present) identity in Christ.

Body of Sin – This is the total collective unit of our sins (as in “body of evidence”; not our physical body, which is the Gods temple).

The Flesh – Although our body is referred to as “flesh,” the term “the flesh” is synonymous with our former identity in Adam (i.e., the “old man”).

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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